Titanium mesh for vertical ridge augmentation or large area bone augmentation has become one of essential options for dentists. The advantages of Anker Ti-Mesh has:

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Surgical Kits

Anker Dental Implant Surgical kits are dentists best ally. Whether you are an experience clinician or just entering into the world of implants, we have something for everyone.  What makes things even better is not only Alliance has kits for traditional implant surgeries, but our experienced R&D team has also developed two kits specifically for

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1.Implant –    Pure Ti-G4 Plus with better bio-comparability to reach the strength and tenacity  of grade 5 titanium. 2.Abutment –  (Ti6AI4V) Ti-G5 Plus with better bio-comparability to reach the strength and tenacity of grade 6 titanium. 3.Screw-   Ti6AI4V screw treated with TACON surface to resist the abrasion( improve torque installation, screw loosing prevention) 4.Internal

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The principle goal of implant design is to enhance osseointegration, shorten treatment time, and improve reliability and esthetics. To that aim, the Anker Implant has:  

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Like all our Bone Level Implants, we have a variety of sizes to choose from, making sure the most suitable size of implant is placed inside the patient’s mouth. The SBI comes in four different diameter sizes and five or more different lengths of implant to choose from.

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